Saturday, July 16, 2011

I woke up today and wished for winter

I woke up today and wished for winter.
I heard nothing but childlike snowflakes do-sa-do from leaf to terrace,
The gritty plumber from 218 pouring rock salt,
One stubborn streetlight flicker amidst the reflected brightness,
And two pairs of inadequate sneakers crunching through the virgin snow.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'll bring you to your love

I'll bring you to your love
So get to know me.

Let me show you how a man cares.
I'll give you a Hallmark card, a feather, a violet day.
Enjoy my Riesling, taste my quiche, hear my songs.
Let's smile at each other, hold hands, and kiss
By the fireplace, at the pier, in front of Radio Shack.

I'll meet your needs and satisfy your desires.
My shoulder is bonier than a pillow and I'm warm.
We can laugh or concentrate on the blurred silence,
I can speak brusquely or in wrinkled tones.

Choose your moment and manner of departure.
Slip into the electrified neon of night, or instead
Be one of my new best friends.

In one or two years, I'll come to your wedding.
I'll purchase champagne flutes from your registry.
I'll take lots of pictures and enjoy almost every minute.


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