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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thirteen Days

Day one. Breathe electric air and smile
The second day: you climb upon a chair.
By three you're stacking blocks in tiny piles.
Four, you're zipping up and down the stairs.

Day five. A corner office boasts your nameplate,
So travel every continent on six.
On seven, snare your sweetheart. Say it's fate.
The eighth day, buy a lake house just for kicks.

Day nine. You'll raise a child of your own.
Come ten, relax. Enjoy your golden years.
On day eleven: write your lessons down.
By twelve, you're missed. There's laughter. There are tears.

Remember me those moments in-between
Until we reunite on Day Thirteen.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013



A moon reflects
fractions of light
from fiery bodies.

Moon tides
master faithless oceans
in cold rhythms.

Moon atmosphere
shortchanges potential life
with no air.


Up close: sawtooth crags and sultry nooks.
Beyond reach: two seas upon a swirling masterpiece.
One world apart: an indistinguishable speck.


There was a moment:
you cried a moon tear
placed it in a generic bottle
hid it in a secret room
for safekeeping


I unlearned science
some moons glow within
some moons are full of life

I breathed a moon
overpowered by light
divided into shards

I tasted a moon tear
when no one was looking
the universe sighed


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall's good

A cloudy spring:
stuff happens. Fall's good
for wine, friendship.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

A reminder

This night
far away

sun ascends
a day closer

Hold it there
I'm present
to dance


Monday, May 21, 2012

Coping with Rejection

Even a duck loses
feathers, sometimes.

The subtle stink of depression
slipped silently under the bedroom door.
I focused on emails, writing,
putting off packing. I hardly
noticed it, like I missed the fog
sneaking in from the Bay.

When reality diverged from sketched dreams,
I could not cry. Instead,
I swallowed. Perhaps lasagna
or the laundry room beep
will choke me.

The optimist's view:
each sentence is a barb poking out
through this translucent skin.
To anyone who squints,
my guts are visible,
soft and flickering.
To be thus vulnerable is to build a story,
an adamantine armor that relishes
the sunlight at the expense of gamma rays.

Among moldy table scraps:
fetid lettuce
with reddish-brown, speckled crust.
Everyone lets it alone; it's
increasingly acrid.

I enjoy time travel, at least I think
it would teach me something.
(I'm ethical when it comes to time travel,
I won't bet on Giacomo or play the Dow.
My footprints are scant. Barely noticeable,
I won't shake up the world.)
An answer is nestled in the mountains
of India, the glitter of Manhattan, or
elsewhere between space and time.
I'd like to discover it. I think I would
time travel if it was possible, if I knew
I wouldn't lose the question.

I'm glad I told
you how I felt.
If, when you're old,
the latent fear
does fall away
and crust does melt:
then give a call
on any day
of any year
at all.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

bonnet stripes

bonnet stripes ahead:
heart and engine race
it's not her

10.11 (revised)


double black diamond:
tumbling downwards through snowdrifts
never meant for us


Saturday, July 16, 2011

I woke up today and wished for winter

I woke up today and wished for winter.
I heard nothing but childlike snowflakes do-sa-do from leaf to terrace,
The gritty plumber from 218 pouring rock salt,
One stubborn streetlight flicker amidst the reflected brightness,
And two pairs of inadequate sneakers crunching through the virgin snow.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'll bring you to your love

I'll bring you to your love
So get to know me.

Let me show you how a man cares.
I'll give you a Hallmark card, a feather, a violet day.
Enjoy my Riesling, taste my quiche, hear my songs.
Let's smile at each other, hold hands, and kiss
By the fireplace, at the pier, in front of Radio Shack.

I'll meet your needs and satisfy your desires.
My shoulder is bonier than a pillow and I'm warm.
We can laugh or concentrate on the blurred silence,
I can speak brusquely or in wrinkled tones.

Choose your moment and manner of departure.
Slip into the electrified neon of night, or instead
Be one of my new best friends.

In one or two years, I'll come to your wedding.
I'll purchase champagne flutes from your registry.
I'll take lots of pictures and enjoy almost every minute.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

This has been quite a year. (13 reflections...)

The year felt long but it flew by, and I'm quite certain it's the same length as any other.

Handshakes turned to hugs. But waves became smiles, nods became glances.

It seems we were often too busy to be tired yet seldom too tired to be busy.

Beside my childhood home, there was a bristling stream beyond the chain-link fence. I didn't explore it much back then but I've missed the sound.

In theory, we could all publicize our personal stories, yet most of us won't.

Others shared my struggles, thus I felt less peripheral.

We found good jobs, lovers, and friends, and so we worried about something else.

Corner apartments and sunshine suit me.

Although you said yes instead of maybe, and maybe instead of no, it wasn't to mislead me.

It's because of all the choices that I was fearful of missing out.

From time to time, I forgot that the median bar was higher than average.

To everyone whom I've laughed and shared with: we're a part of each other. Surrounding myself with people I can count on is what matters most to me; thanks for your support.

We should have played cards. Next year, I'll make time.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Night on the Mission

A tilted eyebrow, glimpsed that sultry night
Meandering through bleak, insipid haze
Amongst the skinheads, ashes, Miller Lite
By dim-lit corkboards circling hipster greys
Some splattered words amidst the muted noise
As unlit candles, sharing cigarettes
A fancied trip to Vegas with the boys
For silken dizzy crystal minuets
Within a scarlet smile turned to blue
The softened spikes left hints of molten rust
From hill to hill, omnisciently we flew
Until black morning chewed us into dust
     If I'd been weaker you would still endure
     Some welts upon your consciousness, for sure


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lucid for Islands

I am lucid for islands
in a row, the pungent
refraction of sunny
nodules in the sheathes
brings a glowing
nostalgic parmesan.

Opaque holes clamor
for depth-defying
pestilence. Forward,
bliss, crisis, and the
pinwheel's ineptitude.

Fallen upon a kitschy
spark, the present,
and my shredded
pancreas sits in tubes.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Molera Park

She pondered the pebbled sand
The tide crept in slowly as a three-legged iguana
I witnessed this in stillness, thinking
     of...and remained silent.


Monday, November 8, 2010


Again, my Inbox grows from zero to one...
And so it seems the day is never done.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ode to Pinot Noir

Sleeping with open eyes and typing fingers
I digest a random Pearl Jam song
And smile fondly before the new echelon.

I consider the what else
How I tripped up, but wouldn't change a thing
And landed in cloudless California.


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