Monday, April 5, 2010

desire to travel

early early in the morning
before the trees are even awake
i lean out the window
and focus my eyes
upon some distant spot
at the horizons edge

for a few wafting minutes
a spectacular sight
my eyes behold there no
scatter my attention

yet somehow i know
that if i were to go
to the place im yearning
eyes barely discerning
i still wouldnt find
the calm peace of mind
that slowly unravels
for someone who travels

im a nomad in chains
a vagabond cooped up
a wanderer in a glasshouse
an anchored migrant

soon it is noon and
the sun climbs the stairs to its
regal throne in a sky blue sky
but its sovereign kingdom
seems as inaccessible to me as
the sun itself

its been a lengthy
and its late
even the trees are asleep
its almost black now but
for a few stars
and the shades are drawn shut

but there is a lamp on beside me
so i let my eyes adjust
they meet your eyes
and i see my future
and i forget everything
before this moment


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